Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to earn a lot of money to pay off my mortgage?

No.  Our method relies based on your current earnings.

I never heard of such a program that pays off the mortgage in 6-8 years.  What is the magic behind this?

It is simple math. Math does not lie.  We will provide a FREE analysis of your personal situation. Trust the Math, not Magic :)

If this program is so effective, why cannot I find more information about this?

You are right, there isn't much information available, this is the reason I started this program.  

Can I pay off any loan such as my credit card, student, car loan?

You will be able to pay off your any kind of loan FASTER.

How do you compare this with Bi-weekly accelerated program?

There is no comparison.  With a Bi-weekly program, you reduce only 3-4 years, with the MortgageGuru strategy, you pay off in ⅓ rd time.

Does it mean I need to start adding more payments to my loan every month?  What happens if I emergency to use money?

NO, you don't have to add any extra payment, this program works in a way where you payoff the mortgage faster as well as increase your savings. 

Do I need to change my spending habit or change my lifestyle to accommodate your program?

No.  The only thing we ask is to be mindful of your spending habits.

What happens if my credit is not that good?  Does your program still work?

Absolutely, we work with everyone. If your credit is damaged, we will work with you personally to make sure you take advantage of this program as well as increase your credit score. 

How can I start on this journey?

The process is pretty simple. All you have to do is to watch our webinar which is available to you on our home page. After you finish watching the webinar, book a call with us and we will  take you further from there.  

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